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Specialty Cardio

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  1. Helix 3D

    Helix 3D

    The Helix Company has announced a new breakthrough technology with the potential to revolutionize the cardio training market—again. The Helix® 3D is a lateral trainer featuring a unique, patented technological advance that enables exercisers, for the very first time, to concurrently train their bodies in all three dimensions of human body movement. Stated more succinctly the Helix 3D works it all.
  2. HLT3500 - Touch

    HLT3500 - Touch

    Most machines work front-to-back. The Helix turns tradition on its side— literally. With lateral (or side-to-side) movement, you use more muscles, which means you burn more fat than during a traditional workout– in the same amount of time. Science proves it. Plus Helix’s patented motion tones your butt, core and inner/outer thighs better than old-fashioned cardio machines.
  3. SledMill


    SLED PUSHING is one of the most effective exercises today. It’s a total body workout that improves strength, stamina, speed and power! Typically you need 40–50 yards of space to train. Not anymore! Now you only need 8 feet! All the benefits of sled training in a compact design. Plus the SledMill is green so all the power comes from you!
  4. UB521M Upper Body Ergometer

    UB521M Upper Body Ergometer

    SportsArt cycles are self-generating; no-outside power source required. The contact heart rate is standard and a wireless Polar® HR receiver is built in.
  5. S775 Pinnacle Cross Trainer

    S775 Pinnacle Cross Trainer

    Pinnacle. Never has a cross trainer offered such incredible diversity.Users want variety. Personal Trainers require unique tools to achieve greater client results. Athletes seek power development. Everyone is looking for enhanced balance and lateral stability. Now you really can have it all. Pinnacle. The only cross trainer that combines both linear and lateral motions, adjustable stride width, variable foot position and unique handle positioning for an unprecedented workout of infinite variety.
  6. Jacobs Ladder

    Jacobs Ladder

    Get the same workout and same reliability as the revolutionary Jacobs Ladder climbing cardio machine, yet designed for the home or small commercial environment – at a lower price
  7. Stairway


    The Stairway is a stair climbing cardio machine designed specifically for the commercial environment. The unique design offers a rotating staircase where the speed of the stairs is controlled by the tension of the waist belt (which is identical to Jacobs Ladder). The higher you go, the faster the stairs come, so you are always in control of your speed. The cardio machine is self-powered so there is no need for a wall plug.
  8. ADDAX Sliding-Seat Rope Pulling RX3200

    ADDAX Sliding-Seat Rope Pulling RX3200

    Get the added benefit of a moving seat for a twice as effective workout in half the time! The unique Addax™ seamlessly integrates lower and upper body functional movement to maximize efficiency and fun! Intelligent Resistance™ technology automatically optimizes the difficulty level to adjust to the specific needs of each user, each workout, every time! The Addax can be utilized equally effectively for cardiovascular, as well as strength training. Everyone loves the unique design, variety of exercise, and smooth operation of the Addax.
  9. IBEX Dual Position Rope Pulling Machine RX2300

    IBEX Dual Position Rope Pulling Machine RX2300

    The compact and versatile IBEX™ offers unparalleled workout variety! Use in horizontal and vertical configurations for a complete total body workout. Get the edge on your competition with self-adjusting Intelligent Resistance™ for improvement in almost any sport or activity. The compact design, smooth operation, and maintenance-free engineering give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your training goals.
  10. OX2H Rope Pulling Machine RX2100H

    OX2H Rope Pulling Machine RX2100H

    Durable construction designed to attach to existing framing • Compatible with Power and Bag racks • Soft-Braided rope for easy and comfortable grip • Automatic resistance increases pull force with faster speed • Available in outdoor, water-resistant version - OX2O

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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