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Power Racks

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  1. Power Rack GPR370

    Power Rack GPR370

    Designed with an extra-wide 4-point stance, the GPR370 is a rock-solid performer that features a 7° reverse pitch that accommodates your body's natural lifting path. Lift-off and safety positions are right where you want the so racking the bar is always comfortable and predictable. Perform squats, calf raises, lunges, dead-lifts, upright rows, and many, many more power building exercises.
  2. Power Rack SMR1000

    Power Rack SMR1000

    The SMR1000 commercial multi rack system is the perfect machine for providing all size users a safe and comfortable platform to maximize squats and pressing motions.
  3. Powerline Power Rack PPR200x

    Powerline Power Rack PPR200x

    Created several years ago, nearly every gym has one...so why not you? With the wide "walk-in" design there is plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of exercises such as squats, incline, decline, flat and military presses as well as shrugs and calf raises. Complete with 18 positions, two heat tempered lift-offs and two saber style safety rods so you can keep your exercise routine the way it should be simple and effective
  4. Powerline Squat Rack PSS60X

    Powerline Squat Rack PSS60X

    Solid and stable, this Squat Rack holds the bar safe and secure with the heaviest of weights.
  5. Power Rack GPR378

    Power Rack GPR378

    Freedom of movement combined with adjustable racking and safety positions make the Power Rack a must-have for those who want to strength train without compromise. The Body-Solid Pro Power Rack is designed to work with all types of benches and engineered for extreme workouts.
  6. Smith Machine A983

    Smith Machine A983

    Deep grooved pulleys for easy cable monitoring Chrome Olympic bar and plate racks
  7. TKO Power Cage

    TKO Power Cage

    Wide “walk-in” design, 20 Adjustment levels, 41″ wide pull-up / chinning bar, Heavy gauge barbell holders
  8. TKO Power Rack

    TKO Power Rack

    • 3"x3" 11 Gauge steel 
    • Upper and lower band pegs 
    • Laser cut numbering system 
    • Polyurethane J- Cups and Safety arms to prevent bar damage 
    • 2 Olympic bar holders 4 weight plate pegs, can hold bumper plates on each 
    • Oversized footing for added stability 
    • Textured paint on uprights for increased wear prevention
  9. TKO Half Rack

    TKO Half Rack

    • 3x3 Steel uprights 
    • Laser cut numbering system 
    • Polyurethane on J-Cups and Safety Arms to prevent 
    • Bar damage 3 lower band pegs 
    • 2 Olympic bar holders
  10. KO 1

    KO 1

    The KO1 was designed for those seeking a boxing/MMA inspired total body conditioning workout. One side holds the striking bag of your choice while the other allows for total body conditioning including dips, box step, battle rope, pull ups, suspension training and renegade work. The KO1 also has a weight storage post. The 8” square post provides a sturdy base for even to most vigorous striker. Get fight ready in record time with the KO1.

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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