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  1. LK500FT Adjustable Pulley System

    LK500FT Adjustable Pulley System

    LK500FT Dual Adjustable Pulley System is the ideal choice for those homes and facilities searching for a compact, easy-to-use, functional strength training platform for themselves, clients and guests.
  2. TKO VKR Power Tower

    TKO VKR Power Tower

    TKO's Commercial VKR Power Tower challenges you to use your own body weight to sculpt your abs, chest, back and arms. Its unique design allows all exercises to be performed from the front. The wide base ensures stability and the coated, non-slip handles provide a comfortable grip.
  3. TKO Functional Trainer

    TKO Functional Trainer

    TKO's Functional Trainer features 2 shrouded stacks of 210 lbs. each with a resistance level of 1:2, a dual-roller mechanism for ultra smooth and quiet movement, 22 adjustment positions and all the accessories you need for a great workout.
  4. Batca Link Free Trainer

    Batca Link Free Trainer

    Experience limitless free cable/body weight training and total body stretching with the Link Free Trainer. Perform Squats, Curls, Rows, And More With Standard Bar Attachments. Seven Position Stretching Program.
  5. FZ-5 Functional Trainer

    FZ-5 Functional Trainer

    The FZ-5 Functional Trainer completes the Fusion 4 Modular Gym by adding a wide variety of functional training and free cable exercise possibilities.
  6. AXIS Free Trainer

    AXIS Free Trainer

    This refined Free Trainer works as a Modular Element of the AXIS System as well as a compact freestanding functional trainer. Pair with an AXIS F.I.D. Bench to further expand the AXIS Free Trainer's range of capabilities.
  7. Tire Flip 180 XL

    Tire Flip 180 XL

    Do all of the things you would do with a traditional tire in one compact space saving piece of equipment. With a training range of 160-240 lbs there is no need to have multiple size tires in your facility. Its’ dual battle rope anchor points turns this into a perfect group training device as well. Floor mounts ensure that the TireFlip 180XL will always be secure in your workout area. Saving you space, money and appearance, your members will be sure to ‘flip’ for the TireFlip 180XL!
  8. Jones Club Functional Trainer

    Jones Club Functional Trainer

    The Safest Barbell Ever Made! Patented 3-D barbell motion provides for an almost unlimited array of exercises. Smith Machines move vertically only while the BODYCRAFT Jones Club moves both vertically and horizontally, allowing for a more natural, user-defined motion. Because the body's natural movements can be utilized, all free-weight exercises can be performed. The horizontal motion can also be locked for conventional "Smith Machine" type exercises.
  9. T3 Functional Trainer

    T3 Functional Trainer

    The BODYCRAFT T3 Life Tree certainly is a Total Training Tower! You can work every muscle in your body using over 100 various exercises!
  10. PFT V2 Functional Trainer

    PFT V2 Functional Trainer

    It's that simple. For your day-to-day life, sports, or leisure activities, the PFT allows you to train the way you move. You define the path of motion allowing you to strengthen every part of your body for the way you want to live. It's that simple.

Items 1 to 10 of 59 total

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