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  1. Pro Dual Vertical Press DPLS-SF

    Pro Dual Vertical Press DPLS-SF

    The Body-Solid Pro•Dual Vertical Press and Lat Station offers a space-saving solution for your people to focus on their chest and upper body with additional emphasis on their triceps and shoulders.
  2. Urbanix Kick Box

    Urbanix Kick Box

    The Urbanix Kick Box equipment is a great way to get motivated and improve those kickboxing moves! This outdoor 1.8m kickboxing bag has a soft cover, and is comfortably cushioned to protect knuckles and shins. The cover is designed to withstand any vandalism or tears, with a clean and durable look that will last.
  3. ORYX Vertical Rope Pulling Machine RX2500

    ORYX Vertical Rope Pulling Machine RX2500

    The benefits of climbing rope are no longer the exclusive province of elite athletes with the Oryx™. Now, safe and effective rope-pulling exercise is available to athletes, students, fitness enthusiasts, and even for injury-rehabilitation purposes. No need to worry about the risks and inconvenience of hanging rope from the ceiling. The seat offers added stability and safety, and it is removable for wheelchair-accessibility. Intelligent Resistance™ adjusts to the needs of users of all fitness levels.
  4. ORYX™ II Outdoor Vertical Rope Climbing Machine

    ORYX™ II Outdoor Vertical Rope Climbing Machine

    HiPEQ is breaking new ground, with the ORYX II outdoor rope exercise machine! ORYX II is a unique, industry-leading outdoor equipment that brings the benefits of functional exercise to any environment, with the safety and reliability you’ve come to expect from HiPEQ. The waterproof, sturdy frame allows for use in military training camps, and open-air instruction & exercise facilities. With ORYX II, you won’t need to compromise safety or performance. Is your team looking for the extra edge? Imagine the possibilities of integrating ORYX II into your outdoor conditioning routines. Looking for an alternative to the same old grind? ORYX II is a challenging, yet refreshing substitute for conventional equipment.

4 Item(s)

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