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Utilizing advanced Computer Aided Design methods, sophisticated modeling techniques, and building prototypes in a continuous improvement cycle, the company is focused on addressing the needs of everyone. Inspired by the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, experience gained from a life-long commitment to personal fitness and health, the company continues to innovate and expand its technologies to help everyone attain the fitness level they aspire. In keeping with our Five Principles, each machine is inspected, tested, and approved before shipment. And because we strive to manufacture everything "in house" whatever we cannot make we usually source localy. We are proud of our products, but always listen to input. Comments and suggestions are welcome. We read and respond to all!

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  1. Ropeflex Wall Climber Apex RX4400

    Ropeflex Wall Climber Apex RX4400

    A design like no other. A workout like never before. The APEX beckons - Do you dare take the challenge? Ropeflex promises to take your workout to uncharted territories, with the APEX, the newest model in our line of exercise equipment. The APEX will shatter your definition of what a “workout” is – just one session will inspire you to reach new heights of fitness! No other equipment even compares to the APEX performance or the way it will make you feel, with a workout that is as challenging as it is fun!
  2. OX2 Rack Mount Rope Climbing Machine RX2100

    OX2 Rack Mount Rope Climbing Machine RX2100

    • Durable construction designed to attach to existing framing • Compatible with Power and Bag racks • Soft-Braided rope for easy and comfortable grip • Continuously adjusting Progressive Resistance • Available in outdoor, water-resistant version - OX2O

2 Item(s)

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