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  1. Loop Exercise Bands

    Loop Exercise Bands

    Body Sport Loop Exercise Bands are available in four color coded progressive levels of resistance.
  2. Lumbosacral Body Support - Various

    Lumbosacral Body Support - Various

    9" wide All-elastic construction Lasts up to 10,000 Velcro(r) closures Gives added support to lower spine for minor activities Double-pull design provides greater stability than single-pull support Removable second pull strap Contains latex.
  3. Loop Band - Various

    Loop Band - Various

    The Body Sport Super Loop Band is an ideal workout tool that can be used for strength, agility, reaction drills, stretching, movement training, Pilates support and rehabilitation. The Super Loop Band measures 41” when laid flat and has a circumference of 82”. Available in 4 resistances. Contains latex.
  4. Body Sport Compression Dual Pivot Hinged Knee Brace - Various

    Body Sport Compression Dual Pivot Hinged Knee Brace - Various

    Compression Knee
  5. Compression Knee Brace with Range of Motion Hinges - Various

    Compression Knee Brace with Range of Motion Hinges - Various

    Provides support and compression for injured knees and helps speed recovery. Ideal for ACL/MCL injuries and knee instability. Three-dimensional and four-way stretching, high-compression construction airmesh fabric keeps user dry and comfortable. Utilizing nonremovable pins, the dual hinges can be adjusted and fixed between 0o and 90o extension and 0o and 60o flexion. Gel pad contours the patella firmly, avoids displacement and provides a massaging effect. Adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. Contains latex.
  6. Knee Strap - Various

    Knee Strap - Various

    Stabilizes by applying pressure on the patellar tendon below the kneecap Compression reduces or eliminates inflammation, and helps prevent knees from giving out Increases mobility Provides relief from acute or chronic pain commonly associated with patellofemoral syndrome, tendonitis, chondromalacia, iliotibial band syndrome and Osgood-Schlatter disease
  7. Body Sport Half Foam Roller - Various

    Body Sport Half Foam Roller - Various

    Body Sport Full Foam Roller, Latex Free. Durable product and perfect for fitness training exercises. Discover the workout tool that enhances balance and body awareness, and promotes muscle re-education, motor planning, muscular flexibility and dynamic strengthening. Body Sport Foam Rollers are lightweight, made of high-density foam and are available for purchase in a variety of sizes (available in full or half roller, too). Its design enhances important things like balance, positioning, postural, neural and muscular flexibility, spinal stabilization and dynamic strengthening. Treat your muscles to a deep massage with this advanced muscle therapy Foam Roller. The Foam Roller gently releases built-up tension and loosens stiff muscles, while elongating and aligning the spine. The gentle foam roller exercise routines will help you relieve stress and muscle tightness, increase circulation and self-massage trouble trigger points. Ideal for travel and home gym use
  8. Figure 8 Elastic Ankle Brace - Various

    Figure 8 Elastic Ankle Brace - Various

    3" wide ankle wrap provides adjustable compression Elastic prevents wrap from slipping or becoming loose
  9. Traccollar by Body Sport - Various

    Traccollar by Body Sport - Various

    This transportable and light traction collar expands with twin tubes to softly stretch and ease muscles for pain relief.

9 Item(s)

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