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Troy Barbell

For more than 20 years Troy Barbell has been the industry leader in quality and innovation. 

More than just a free-weight manufacturer, Troy Barbell is a full-service solution. 

With 3 distinct product lines,Troy offers the best solution for every application: 

  • Troy- Engineered to offer unmatched aesthetics and durability Troy is 
    the premium institutional & commercial grade free-weight product.
  • VTX- Rugged quality designed for vertical, specialty fitness and functional
  • training applications.
  • USA- Dedicated to providing best-in class products for the home fitness enthusiast.

Whether you’re looking to outfit a gym, apartment, school or home, Troy delivers stylish durability and value with three distinct product lines each uniquely engineered for your specific application.

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  1. 7’ Olympic Power Bar

    7’ Olympic Power Bar

    Our best economy 7’ chrome Olympic bar is the one we include in all our weight sets and is a staple of retail dealers nationwide.
  2. Commercial Olympic Curl Bar

    Commercial Olympic Curl Bar

    The TROY 47 Commercial Quality Curl Bar is a 27 mm bar with deep diamond knurling for a positive grip and feel. Sleeves are secured via roll pin design.
  3. Bumper Plate Rack GHBPR

    Bumper Plate Rack GHBPR

    This VTX rack has eight individual slots that can hold a 45lb plate in each section, a handle that incorporates 2ea weight horns for 2.5lb and 5lb add on plates.
  4. 28 Multi-Purpose Economy Curl Bar with Swivel GCB-28SR

    28 Multi-Purpose Economy Curl Bar with Swivel GCB-28SR

    The USA 28 Economy Revolving Curl Bar with forged swivel is perfect for any gym, club or home. This multi-purpose bar is created for triceps press downs, curls, rows, arm pull-over’s and more.
  5. SupraBar Butterfly Tri-Bar SBTB-10

    SupraBar Butterfly Tri-Bar SBTB-10

    Add a little twist to your strength training with our SupraBar butterfly tri-bar. This small triceps press down bar hooks onto any standard cable system and produces an unbelievable triceps workout. This SupraBar isolates the triceps muscle with full and extended range; no standard cable attachment even comes close.


    This 6' lightweight Olympic bar weighs only 15 pounds, but can handle a significant load. Designed for beginners, recovery workouts, and off-season training. This bar is excellent for any fitness enthusiast. Constructed of brightly- polished steel, pinned steel collars and an impressive weight rating test of 300 lb fits standard Olympic benches, 28mm, diameter 15lb.
  7. Texas Power Bar

    Texas Power Bar

    Great for light club usage. This 7' black oxide coated power bar has pinned steel sleeves;a 28 mm diameter, medium diamond 4" deep center knurling, and a weight test rating of 1500 lb. The bar weight is 44 lb.


    This institutional 44 lb bar is excellent for any fitness facility or Olympic lifting. 7' institutional bar, hard chrome with a 33mm shaft with a snap ring design, 44 lb.
  9. 6 1/2’ Women’s Olympic Training Bar GOB-800

    6 1/2’ Women’s Olympic Training Bar GOB-800

    Our sleek new, 6 1/2ft, 15kg women’s training bar has a 25mm bar shaft that is easier to grip and control that is specifically designed for functional training. Despite it’s smaller diameter, it has an extremely strong yield strength that provides plenty of desired “whip.”
  10. 7’ Olympic Power Bar  AOB-1500B

    7’ Olympic Power Bar AOB-1500B

    7’ black zinc coated power bar, 1500 lb. statical test, 4” center knurling. Snap ring design. This bar is designed to go into a club environment.

Items 1 to 10 of 84 total

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