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KickBoxing / MMA

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  1. Versys VS.BOB

    Versys VS.BOB

    The VS.BOB is the most versatile body opponent bag in the industry.
  2. Cardio Wavemaster

    Cardio Wavemaster

    Ideal for cardio kickboxing workouts, the Cardio Wavemaster features a 40-inch tall bag made of durable, high density foam and a poly shell.
  3. Wavemaster


    The Wavemaster is the original freestanding heavy bag, excellent for developing kicks, punches, and strikes.
  4. Creed 100 lb. Heavy Bag

    Creed 100 lb. Heavy Bag

    Ideal for serious, high-impact combat sports training, the Creed Heavy Bag offers a premium workout experience and is made to last.
  5. Versys VS.1

    Versys VS.1

    The Versys VS.1 is a revolutionary fight simulator made for every type of athlete. Its durable vinyl construction includes a pre-filled base that creates natural rebound, plus top and bottom handles for practicing techniques ranging from knee strikes to throws.

5 Item(s)

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