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Group Fitness

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  1. TKO Neoprene Dumbbells

    TKO Neoprene Dumbbells

    Ideal for aerobics, walking, step training & more, 3mm thick neoprene coating Each size marked for easy identification, Patented Tri Grip® handles, Size: 1 – 10 lbs.
  2. Vertical Dumbbell Rack GVDR-13

    Vertical Dumbbell Rack GVDR-13

    This compact vertical dumbbell rack is designed to hold 13 pair of hex or VTX dumbbells ranging from 3 to 50 lbs. The user friendly design allows for easy access.
  3. Troy Interlocking Grip Workout Plate - Various

    Troy Interlocking Grip Workout Plate - Various

    Designed to be used in the heaviest situations, Troy Barbell's Interlocking Grip Workout Plate is made of quality cast iron.
  4. Core Essential Fit Pack

    Core Essential Fit Pack

    Core Essential Fit Pack
  5. Fitness Bars

    Fitness Bars

    Raise the bar for a simple, effective workout in your own home. Available in 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30 and 36 lb. increments.
  6. Stability Balls

    Stability Balls

    Stability Ball are the best way to ensure a lifetime of healthy posture, balance and conditioning is to commit to a regular core strength and stability program.


    Rack stores up to 6 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers
    Casters for easy mobility
    Available in black only
  8. Weight Training Bag

    Weight Training Bag

    Functional training bag designed for developing muscle power and building body strength
    Built with durable material for long lasting use
    Weights inside are evenly distributed, and will not shift after long term use
    Two handles on the side of the bag and two handles on the front are designed for easy grasping and using in different exericse programs
    Available in 10, 20, 30, and 40 lb. weights

8 Item(s)

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