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Cage & Rig Accessories

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  1. Bumper Plate Rack GHBPR

    Bumper Plate Rack GHBPR

    This VTX rack has eight individual slots that can hold a 45lb plate in each section, a handle that incorporates 2ea weight horns for 2.5lb and 5lb add on plates.
  2. STANDARD PLYO BOX SET, INCLUDES: 12" ,18" ,24" ,30" AND 36", 5/SET

    STANDARD PLYO BOX SET, INCLUDES: 12" ,18" ,24" ,30" AND 36", 5/SET

    Set of 5
  3. VTX Slam Balls

    VTX Slam Balls

    VTX slam balls are built to absorb the energy of a slam, have no bounce and be ready for more. With the ball’s center being filled with sand it will shift when doing slams and throwing exercises or during hand-offs for a core stabilizing workout. Built to withstand the wear and tear of box or a home garage gym.
  4. Slam Ball

    Slam Ball

    Take your medicine ball workout to the next level with a Body Sport Slam Ball. Constructed with a cork-free, durable PVC shell, these balls are designed for high impact use and withstand the hardest slams. Body Sport Slam Balls are a favorite among CrossFitters, trainers, athletes and martial artists.
  5. Weight Training Bag

    Weight Training Bag

    Functional training bag designed for developing muscle power and building body strength
    Built with durable material for long lasting use
    Weights inside are evenly distributed, and will not shift after long term use
    Two handles on the side of the bag and two handles on the front are designed for easy grasping and using in different exericse programs
    Available in 10, 20, 30, and 40 lb. weights
  6. Training Rope - 15 Long, 2" Diameter

    Training Rope - 15 Long, 2" Diameter

    15' Long, 2" Diameter
  7. Training Rope, 15' Long, 1.5" Diameter

    Training Rope, 15' Long, 1.5" Diameter

    15 ' by 1.5"
  8. Precut Shoulder Tape

    Precut Shoulder Tape

    Regular athletic tape can be unruly and hard to deal with when taping body parts with irregular shapes, such as the shoulder. The SpiderTech Shoulder Tape product is cut and designed specifically to fit the shoulder.

8 Item(s)

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