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Balance & Stability

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  1. Slam Balls

    Slam Balls

    Take your medicine ball workout to the next level with a Body Sport Slam Ball. Constructed with a cork-free, durable PVC shell, these balls are designed for high impact use and withstand the hardest slams. Body Sport Slam Balls are a favorite among CrossFitters, trainers, athletes and martial artists.
  2. Balance Disc ZRVDBL

    Balance Disc ZRVDBL

    Inflatable disc is similar in movement and shape to a fitness ball when used on any seat. Can be used as a dynamic cushion to activate major muscle groups, or as a standing disc for balance training and lower extremity strengthening. Features one tactile side and one smooth side. Inflates with a standard pump
  3. Cannonball Grips

    Cannonball Grips

    Cannonball Grips provides the strength that is often overlooked in strength training, but it is a critical aspect to increase performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  4. The Ab Solo Medicine Balls

    The Ab Solo Medicine Balls

    The Ab Solo Medicine Balls feature a textured, solid-rubber surface for easy comfortable gripping. These durable medicine balls are perfect for almost any med ball workout from Abs to total body conditioning. Sets includes a set of 2 – 6 LB balls and a set of 2 – 8 LB balls.
  5. Massage Ball

    Massage Ball

    The Massage Ball’s primary focus is to relieve the muscle of existing minor aches and pains by applying pressure to the muscle. Apply pressure with the ball by using the floor, wall or any hard surface to stabilize movement of the ball. Understand, in order to get deep into the muscle the ball has to remain still with an ample amount pressure for 5 to 7 seconds. This is when the ball will change shape. Once relieved, roll the TP Massage Ball side to side or in circles for a cross friction type massage. The TP Massage Ball is great for the neck, shoulders, back, chest, piriformis, calves, or anywhere that you have minor aches and pains.
  6. Quadballer


    The TP Quadballer allows you to roll completely through the quads, IT band, lower back, hamstrings and neck in a safe, effective manner, ON YOUR OWN and HANDS FREE! With its patented technology and revolutionary design, the TP Quadballer feels similar to a human hand. This allows you to manipulate the quads similarly to the way a massage therapist would on their massge table. The Quadballer allows you to massage the quads in a safe effective way on a daily basis.

6 Item(s)

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